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Next Access To Play Mission To Africa


Access to Play is a dynamic program cultivated by The Star Wright Foundation, a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, to share knowledge and resources throughout the continent of Africa.

We focus on social and economic growth through athletics, resource sharing, education, and financial freedom.  We are currently accepting donations to support our February 2024 sports mission trip.

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Fundraising Goal - $50,000

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  • Any amount from $1 to $1 million (we are claiming it)

  • All contributions are tax deductible

Inspiring Change Through Sports

The Access to Play program focuses on athletic development as the vehicle to introduce and drive sustainable programs for education, housing, agriculture, sports, and entrepreneurship

Diversity, team building, skill development, self-esteem enhancement and language lessons for children and adults are at the core of what we do, and we are 100% engaged and developing long-term goals for students interested in leveraging their athletic development to attend a college or university.

To support our  February 2024 sports mission trip to Morocco & Ghana, please complete the contribution form below to make a tax-deductible donation. Thank you for your support!

Dollars = Impact

The Star Wright Foundation would like to formally invite you to work with us abroad by supporting our charitable initiatives:


Football Development Camps

With your support we can reach our goal to host 4 annual football camps


New Classrooms

Focused on quality education, $10k annually will be allocated to adding 2 new classrooms


Football Equipment

Helmets, Cleats, Shoulder Pads, Jerseys, T-shirts, Flag Belts & more


Turf Field

A safe and dedicated space for American Football and Soccer training and games


Lunch Program

The daily impact of $300 in contributions can feed 500 children


New Housing

Shelter is essential, and at $3,500 each, our goal is to build 10 homes per year

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Custom Gift Contribution

Custom Gift Contribution

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Thank you for your donation!



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Celebrating Our Success In Africa

The Star​ Wright Foundation is ecstatic to share our remarkable journey of success and empowerment in the continent of Africa including Ghana, Morocco, and beyond.  Together, we've accomplished incredible milestones that have brought joy, enrichment, and boudless opportunities to the children and communities we serve.


Unforgettable Camp in Kumasi

Our journey began with our very first camp in the village of Kumasi, where we witnessed the power of sports and education to transform lives. Over 1000 children joined us, embracing the spirit of teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth.  Through the bond we forged, we knew we were on the path to something extraordinary.


Providing Essentials

But our commitment didn't stop at the camp. We understood that access to basic essentials was crucial for these young minds to thrive. Thats why we proudly distributed over 100 pairs of sneakers and clothing, ensuring that every child had the comfort they deserved.

Empowering Education

Education is a beacon of hope, and we wanted to shine that light even brighter. we delivered a game-changing gift of over 100 laptops, 500 composition books, and 1000 t-shirts to support these young scholars in their educational journey.


Fueling Football Dreams

Sports have a unique way of brining communities together. We've equipped these aspiring athletes with 100 footballs, 100 flag belts, 100 pairs of cleats, 50 helmets, 75 shoulder pads, and 100 uniforms. These gifts are not just equipment, they are symbols of opportunity, dreams, and determination.


A Grateful Heart

None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of our donors, volunteers, and the communities we serve.  Together, we're making a lasting impact, creating a legacy of empowerment and change. 

Looking Forward

As we celebrate these achievements, we're reminded that our work has just begun.  We're committed to continuing our journey, striving for even greater success, and briging smiles, dreams, and opportunities to countless more children. 

Please donate to support our mission

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