Our Mission

To offer sustainable programs to domestic and global communities that impact socio-economic advancement, human rights, and education.


Our Initiatives


Access To Play

We give access to American Football through education



To promote entrepreneurship to adolescent females through an 8-week hands-on program.


 100 Jobs 100 days

A social responsibility campaign targeting individuals with criminal backgrounds and

working hand in hand with the community to minimize the crime rate and poverty.


Know Your Rights

An interactive campaign geared towards educating minority adolescent males about

perception and reality and what to do when encountered by law enforcement.


The Star Wright


A human rights socio-economic resource that offers opportunities to people in Africa, entrepreneurship to minority youth, legal rights education to adolescents, and a chance for convicted felons to engage in the job market after release from prison.

Access to Play 

100 Jobs

100 Days


Know Your Rights!


Spread Good Vibes

I am passionate about philanthropy and impacting change around the globe. I have been blessed in my many endeavors to have access to resources and opportunities that benefit the community globally. 

Please join me in impacting the global and social economy. Please click the link below to join the email list for career fairs, youth programs, and global football campaigns.

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